* The kids (ages 5-12) have their own class while the parents workout at the same time!  Each class has their own coach.
* The kids must wrap their hands for class.  Their coach with wrap with them.  

* There is a short "warm-up" (which usually includes a game of tag or sharks and minnows) designed for tiny humans, then       they stretch, shadow box, learn kickboxing technique, practice on focus mitts or Thai pads, and finish with a final stretch. 

* They should wear workout clothes and bring a water bottle.

* Parents do not need to be members for their children to become members. 

* Parents must stay in the studio for the entire class (we do have wifi!).
* W
raps and gloves are required to participate.  You can bring your own, or order them from the studio.  

Title 8 oz Youth Boxing Gloves - $25

Title Junior 120" Hand Wraps - $10

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